Coming Soon – Our Own Full Restaurant (!!!!)

We are so excited to announce that, after several years of planning, we will soon be able to open the Wagner Farm Restaurant!  

This is a dream a decades in the making. Just three years ago, the Farm Stand started selling sandwiches, soups, and salads. It was a huge success. People loved that we were making items with the stuff we sold in the store, so they could try out a particular kind of vegan cheese or gluten-free bread before buying it. Soon, we became a hip lunch spot and we didn’t have enough room to fit all of our hungry customers.  

Two years ago, an old diner closed up shop and the building sat empty for months. Our owners started thinking about the space and how it could be the perfect home for Wagner Farm Restaurant. It needed to be gutted (so much fried oil still lingered in the air), but it had the potential to be a perfect space. They decided to go for it and make the restaurant dream a reality.  

We got to work, even having a staff demolition night! We installed new flooring, windows, and carpeting and painted every inch of the place. We installed all new stoves, sinks, toilets – you name it. Pretty much everything but the studs of the building is new! We then set out to work on decorating it to make it feel fresh and hip, but also warm like the Farm Stand store.  

Next, we hired a locally-renowned chef to come up with the menu. Because the Wagner Farm Restaurant is in a different building than the Farm Stand, we decided to veer from using only our ingredients because we wanted to create a variety of dishes. The Farm Stand will still sell the food on its current menu, but the restaurant will be something brand new.  

This new menu will feature all vegetarian and vegan foods, but you won’t know it by looking at our dishes. Our chef found a way to revitalize vegetables and give them textures you never thought possible. There will also be tons of gluten-free dishes, and absolutely everything will be made with organic ingredients.  

To ensure we are doing right by our staff, we are working with a local food service union and Jim Wetzel, a personal injury lawyer, to keep everyone safe and happy.  

 The new establishment will contain art done by local artists, and we’ll host a variety of community events. We are also planning to launch a special program that trains and gives jobs to train individuals who are homeless or recently released from prison.  

Our restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch every day, and dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  

We are so excited about this new venture and we hope you visit us on opening day!