Being a Vegan Isn’t Really That Hard

Many people get very defensive when you tell them they are vegan. It’s almost like they think poorly on them for eating meat, when in reality it is your own choice. However, most people get scared about being a vegan because they think it is going to be hard work. Well, we have a secret: It’s not! 

The Standard American Diet contains way more meat than most humans need. The next time you are at a restaurant, look at home many items how meet. Do we really need meat in our soups and our salads? We don’t think so.  

People also assume it’s expensive to be a vegan. Sure, buying vegan cheesecake is not cheap, but there are tons of foods we eat every day that don’t have animal products in.  

Maybe you aren’t ready to be a vegan just yet, but try limiting how much dairy, eggs, and meat you consume in each meal. Try to give up meat just one day a week, or skip the cheese on your next salad. We bet that you will see being a vegan is actually pretty easy!