The Wagner Farm Stand Story

The Wagner Farm Stand started two decades ago, when our grandfather wanted to open up a local grocery store that focused mostly on healthy foods. He wanted a place where people could run into their neighbors but also buy good food that you can’t get at other grocery stores. Our grandfather saw that people were turning to convenience when it came to food, and he wanted to remind them that good food is about good ingredients.  

The store opened with just a few items in the produce section and a couple of barrels of grains, but from there, it has grown into a full-fledge store with its own bakery, butcher, deli, and natural beauty and cleaning products section. We have items to match every palette, but we focus on vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free items. Most of our produce comes from our family farm, and we even have a compost program where our customers can bring in their compost and we can use it on our farm!  

Anyway, that’s the story of Wagner Farm Stand and we hope you stop by!