Partnering with Public Schools

Last year, we launched our Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities initiative in the local public schools, and we are in awe of all the good that is doing! 

The program was started to teach kids about healthy eating and how to make healthy food choices, and it is contains three main components: 

  1. First, school lunches. Every two weeks, Wagner Farm Stand donates all the ingredients to make lunch for all the schools in the area. These meals are all vegan and gluten-free but contain delicious foods that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. And, don’t worry, we don’t forget the desert.  
  1. Once a month, we host cooking demonstrations in each of the schools. The kids all get to select one meal that they love, and we show them how to make a healthy meal out of it.  
  1. And, every year, we take the kids on a tour of the farm. This is usually in the fall, during apple season, when kids can see the orchards, learn how we take care of the trees, and see apple cider being made. Each kid then gets some apples to take home to make their own tasty dish.  

It’s been a great program and we can’t wait to see how it expands in future years!